We caught Passengers last Friday, well I believe it’s one of those films where Anne Hathaway starts moving away from her kiddy innocent roles. It an interesting film, not high rated (pretty poorly received actually) and definitely doesn’t fit the “thriller” genre the theatres gave it.

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I feel like removing categories totally and converting all of them to tags, it’s too hard to fit and chunk stuff into categories now.

Spring cleaning the room reminds me why I only do it once a year. Dust (in places you won’t expect there to be), aches and mysterious wounds.

I think it’s also about time to come up with a list things I want for my birthday (which nobody but I will buy for myself). A new mouse is definitely in the list. The double-clicking by itself crap is driving me crazy and definitely lowering productivity. So it’s buying a new mouse or prying it open to try to clean it or rectify the problem and possibly mucking it up and then buying a new mouse.

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