Retrospective: *Fizzle*…

3 years ago today…

Central library to Law to Business to Engineering to Arts isn’t the most efficient route. Leaving the house at 12.10PM will not get me to my class in Arts by 1PM. What a way to start the first tutorial for NM – missing it totally. I’m simply too tired, too late, too disinterested.

Too many nights spent out, too much money spent. I guess I need to take a break from all this night activities before I truly burn out or get really broke. The chalet will probably be the last big event for everyone to chill; after that, I really need to concentrate on my work, don’t really want to let last semester’s work go down the drain. Really looking forward to the long Lunar New Year holiday, it’d be a very good time for me to consolidate my work before the semester goes into full drive.

In other news: I managed to survive the probation period of the driving license. I received a “routine reminder” from MINDEF for not notifying them when I left for Thailand. I’ve yet to receive any notice from the Icekimo incident. All my entries with chinese characters got FUBARed when I did the database migration. I fell out of favor with lots of my friends acquaintances. I’ve given up writing the Chiang Mai entry, I’d simply add comments to the photos. I still need to add lots of photos, complete the MOS entry and write some stuff before I totally forget or get disinterested.


And Locksley left this comment:

WTF…They know you went to Thailand without informing them? Wah lau aye…Since when are they so efficient?

I vividly remember getting impossibly lost trying to get to Arts. It was quite funny. The chalet has to be the one with Cheese on our 22nd birthdays. Good times.. a lot of people got wasted. I also remember the notice I got for leaving for Chiang Mai for holidays without notifiying MINDEF. That’s about all I remember… no idea what Icekimo incident I was refering to or who did I fell out of favor from.

I still have a whole chunk of old entries backuped in a big word document. Guess I’d just slowly repost them like so…

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