Welcome 2009!

2009! :)

The last few days of 2008 had been awesome! Doro’s bday, Ben’s bday, Kris’s bday, gatherings, new phone, lots of pics, swimming, gymming, christmas dinner, Southern ridges walk and countdown! Now that I’ve named them, it isn’t really the LAST FEW DAYS.

DECEMBER 2008 has been the best month of the year! I didn’t get bored and had jam load of activities to content myself with. Haven’t felt this carefree in quite a while.

2008 had been an eventful and tumultuous year. Lots of struggles inbetween, made lots of friends, hit 21 which was unexpectedly depressing (not as sunny as I thought), reflected on many things (I haven’t come to a conclusion for many of them though), increased my geeky index…

Was at Sumin’s yday for countdown. We played wii, bingo, had booze and food! Awesome way to spend the new year.

Kept playing raving rabbids. BWAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Cheese’s hola attempt vid is still in my phone.

Would be great to have a collection of new year gathering photos over the years.

No new year resolutions for me but I hope 2009 would be a better year for everyone!


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