After numerous appeals and emails, admin matters are finally settled. Out of my 3 years of experience in getting modules, this has been the most stressful. I was talking to Shuting about it today and it made me come to the conclusion that they are rather unfriendly and unsympathetic. Things only got settled after I explained my situation to the lecturer who probably stepped out to do something about it. I’m grateful because some lecturers don’t bother.

What happened reminded me of what Subby once casually said: “sometimes, we just need something to push us along”. My church has been seeking for people to teach the younger generation about the faith. Quite a number of times I actually thought about it but didn’t set my heart to it. In that desperate moment, I told God that if I get the class I wanted, I would teach after I grad. Looks like I can’t escape now. He works in strange ways. That’ll probably help me know my faith better. Something that I wanted to do but always procrastinating.

4 thoughts on “Yays!

  1. Prof Chua was the founding dean of SoC, he was also a research member at I2R, where you’re gonna work at (but you didn’t tell him right?) This means he probably still has some seniority power in the faculty.

    If you teach that makes you like a Jedi master you know? V cool.

  2. wow i tot u juz have some timetable clashes the last time u tok to me abt this.. i guess its perhaps so.. 1 of my friend’s nick was like quite obvious regarding this in facebook o.O

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