A 6 year old's take on love

Me: Do you have girlfriend?
Nephew: Ya.
Me: How many?
Nephew: Err…. -raise up 2 fingers-
Me: So many? What’s their name?
Nephew: Nurul and Christy
Me: So…who do you like more?
Nephew: Christy
Me: Do you talk to her?
Nephew: She don’t want to talk to me.
Me: Why?
Nephew: She always come to school late. But I got test her spelling.
Me: Do you want to be with her next time?
Nephew: For what?
Me: Cos she is your girlfriend.
Nephew: But she’ll be in different class.

One thought on “A 6 year old's take on love

  1. hahahaaha.. i asked by 6 year old cousin last year the same thing… whether she got boyfriend.. she started raising her fingers to count… wahaha

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