I'm tired so I speak my mind

First off, Happy Vday!

So it’s another vday post you say. Oh no! We didn’t have a vday post last year! So let’s just talk a bit about my take on Vday. Several years ago, (when I wasn’t blogging here) but goodness I can’t remember the url already, I was quite a pessimist of vday. I remember vividly I told Terence something like “what’s the point of being especially nice to someone just for one day?” while the pro-vday him was trying to convince me otherwise.

4 years later, today I’ve decided to do be more receptive about it and see it as a chance for renewal, for improvement or for frankness. So Subby’s getting his first vday present from me. On the issue of flowers, I think I’m outgrown carrying them around but I got 1 free from the dinner place we had. They’re nice to look at, sniff at, but not nice to be seen carrying around. Just hate the stares from around and this old tiko guy on the train kept looking at me or maybe it was the flower drawing the attention on the train home. Ya, you get it. Carrying flowers are BAD! Deliveries are accepted tho! :p

There are some who comment that we seem to be “together but doing our own things”. I guess we’re rather unconventional in that sense ( or maybe in many sense! ) My view on it is “if it’s not yours, there’s no point holding on to it and if it’s yours, you won’t lose it”. Cliche but I firmly believe in it! That said, it doesn’t mean that one should be taking things for granted.

Someone from office likes my prototype. :) There’s nothing like appreciation for your work!

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