Long mondays

Almost 1am so I’ll make this quick. It’s been a long monday and reached home at almost 10.45pm. Gossip session with bell was interesting. The way home was not. There were lots of senseless people cloging up the front of the bus.

From afar
Bell: They didn’t even on the lights

When it came nearer
Me: No. It’s just too damn crowded.

After it passed
Me: The back’s empty. -.-

Was extremely pissed that the bunch of them was squashed in the front. It was quite a funny sight. Pity no pic. Came home and realised I had a lot of admin stuff to settle for tomorrow. I’m excited about meeting my mentor? Don’t know if I should call him that. Bell said that she finally saw my evil side and wonders if it’s the influence of Subby. In my opinion, everyone has their evil side and good side. It just depends on which side which dominates and which side gets suppressed. When it’s a long day and I’m making lots of typo errors on msn and words are going blury when I read them…that’s…when…you’re threading on thin ice. The evil side emerges with a bit of proding and beckoning.

Chris says he’ll get me a pepper spray for my bday. Was thinking how nice it’ll be for long mondays…and then I realised long mondays will probably be over by then.

OKAY! Time to sleep! Any recommendation for gd mice?

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