Retrospective: Obnoxious Stalker

3 years ago today, 2006…

Everybody change, being only human, I change as well. Some will notice it more than others but I really guess it’s all about which facet you’ve been perceiving me from. But I guess I’d admit that much, I’ve changed. I don’t know what others say behind my back, I guess I’ve grown a little indifferent, a little grouchy, perhaps bordering being obnoxious.

Just had Drizzt erected a shield of blades and violence to protect himself from the horrors of his homeland, I too put up a shield. Putting up a cold front of foul manners and potty mouth, I protect myself from the outside world and them from me. That way, hopefully people will steer clear of me; that way, hopefully I’d feel less vulnerable; that way, hopefully I’d use my head more than my heart; that way, hopefully nobody will get hurt.

If I have to be obnoxious to makes things less complicated, I guess that’s what I’d be – obnoxious.

Can’t help feeling like a stalker lately. Got to know of the existence of this interesting girl. Nothing much I can say yet since I know nothing about her. Well, at least I learnt of her name today. Gah, I’m a stalker now!

Some people have all the attention, some people have all the friends and some people have all the followers but somehow they’d never be contented. What they and all of us need is just one real listener, one soul mate and one true believer.

PS: I was reminded that I need to put up a wish-list. I’d get down to it once I settle my other misc stuff.
PSS: Damn ingrown toenail.
PSSS: Damn ad bots.

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