We live in a superficial world

Britain's Got Talent
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Yes, it’s true. More often than not we judge a book by it’s cover. In this video of a 47 year old lady taking part in Britain’s Got Talent, we could see everyone’s disbelief as one Susan Boyle walks out, some of them even rolled their eyes at her. But once she starts singing, everyone was taken aback, personally I got goosebumps from her voice. It was soulful and moving; she had a dream and she fulfilled it that day. By the end of the performance, almost everyone in the theatre were standing up in ovation. It was rated as “the biggest yes” in the competition and a “privilege [to listen to]”.

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3 thoughts on “We live in a superficial world

  1. i saw that too. susan was totally awesome. but yea it’s quite true. people do assume that those who are better looking are more capable, generally. at least she proved that notion wrong to a huge number of audience. ultimately, guess it’s still a harsh world out there..

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