Day of revelation

Today, results day.

My CAP plunged but I’m surprisingly not upset. It was a humbling experience but more because I was expecting worst and I’m just really grateful that well…I didn’t have to retake a module. It’s something which has been heavy in my heart for a long time. A tug-of-war in which one side wants to know the truth and yet the other is afraid that the truth will be too hard to handle.

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Another reason would be that work has opened my eyes to many things. There’s no politics that I’m aware of. Or it could be just that I’m totally unaware. Like how Chris would say “you could throw a shoe at Joanne and won’t expect a reaction”. Most importantly, I learnt that a degree is just a paper.

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It’s just a strange little paper and when you get achieve good results for, everybody thinks you’re awesome and you can get the job. However, whether one is equipped to do the job is another matter. Since it gets you the job, I can’t deny that it’s important(and I don’t want to spend 4 years in vain). Yet higher up in priority, is whether you learnt from your failures or inadequacy to deal with the exam. Such is a more practical aspect and defines whether one is able to cope with the job.

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  1. jo! i’m proud of you too!! i like the way you handled it. with your attitude, you’re way better than some people with good degrees but lousy outlooks.

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