Making vista startup faster and other annoyances

I bought the lenovo T400 recently which runs on vista business. I love the new theme with the awesome transitions. However, the slow startup time and totally different catelog system from xp can a pain in the ass for this switch. Here’s some tweaks I did to make the start up faster.

From the start menu, type in services in the start search box and press enter.


You will get the screen above which is a list of processes which may run from your computer. Some processes may be stopped from automatically running at the  start and hence makes the startup time faster overall. To do this, click on the process followed by Action -> Properties. From there, you can change the startup type. Do read up on the description of the processes before you disable them as a wrong move may lead to dire consequences.

Here’s what I did:
1. Secondary logon -> disabled (Allows you to run certain program from another profile in your current profile. I don’t see the use of this.)
2. System update -> disabled (Specific to lenovo only. As lenovo does not provide auto updates anymore, there’s no point in executing it.)
3. Tablet and input service -> manual (If you’re not using a tablet pc, there’s no need to automatically execute this.)
4. Windows update -> manual (Just very fed up with the update pop ups)
5. Windows image acquisition -> manual

Black viper published this in greater detail. He has 3 different settings of “safe”. “tweaked” and “bare bones” which may interest you.

Edit @ 10.45pm: found more processes to disable and a very handy site which explains the uses of many processes.

Here’s a list of annoyances which I tweaked:
1. Disabling UAC which keeps asking for confirmation. Details can be found here.
2. Pictures from windows photo gallery (the vista version of windows picture viewer) has a pink tint. Solution can be found here.

Freebies you should install which I did =)

1. Launchy – a cool looking launcher. Help to keep your desktop clean.

2. Firefox – a browser that allows themes and many plugins.

3. Maintenance and protection with AVG free antivirius, zonealarm, CCleaner, Spybot

4. Digsby – a im.
I love msn mesenger but microsoft has withdrawn and replaced it with messenger live which has irritating bullets. Cheers to digsby.

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  1. Actually, mods from SOC helps to understand the technicalities better. -nods- Of course, it helps to know geeky people that you can ask. (Geek is a compliment btw pple, if you read this.)

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