The Internet can not be Self-Regulated (yet)

Anonymous at Scientology in Los Angeles

The government often chides the online community for its action or lack thereof whenever some “irresponsible” comments are made about sensitive issues. Statements would then be issued advocating the practice of self-regulation in the blogosphere (a stupid buzzword but feels suitable here). This makes me wonder how many of our policy makers are actually netizens as what they are hoping for expecting is a highly idealistic utopian scenerio as it heavily relies on the concept of shared responsibility. We know how well shared responsibility worked out for those who were raped / murdered in the public with eye witnesses who just can’t be bothered. Now, imagine we throw in a new layer of anonymity which the Internet provides. While it might be Unreal Tournament 2004 which inspired Gabe’s Greater Internet Fuckward Theory, I feel it applies to most cyber-activities in general.


While I’m not saying it’s impossible to reach such a state of online maturity, I believe we still have a long way to go; after all, we still have a pile of real offline social graciousness issues to work through. Another thing policy makers don’t realise is that you do not feed the trolls on the Internet because what these people crave for, when they left the inflammatory comments, is simply attention and that’s exactly what they receive when you single them out to be condemned; they simply watch the hit counts increase and their ad money roll in.

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