Things I hate about travelling on the train during peak hours

An unordered list of annoyances.

1. Getting squashed between a bunch of middle aged tobacco stinking men.
2. Being pushed by someone’s pot belly and having no choice but to push the person in front.
3. Standing near the door and a fat ass defies the law of conservation of volume by shoving his ass in.
4. Being at the height of other people’s armpits.
5. Being in a jam pack train while the upper management still reports in the news that 4 people per square foot is ok.
6. While in the jam pack train, having close and uncomfortable physical contact with strangers.

That said, is the title of a first class transport system one which is meant to reduce cognitive dissonance for the crap that we have to put up with? Something like the little flyer that came with my laptop that says “we know you value great engineering”. If we’re ever to be hit with the swine virius, we are so dead…either that….or our economy dies….but given the pragmatism that permeats society, I think we die first. The only good thing out of this whole swine virius scare is that trains actually look cleaner and smell of the cleaning agent.

I’m glad there’s the company bus which shuffles people to work. I tried the SBS bus once…it’s much worst.

9 thoughts on “Things I hate about travelling on the train during peak hours

  1. it’s permeates. not permeats lol.

    you forgot about the aunties who squeeze themselves in front and paste their faces right up to the glass so that they can be the first to rush in.
    and these are the sort of people who are working class people in society.
    geez, it’s really going to the dogs isn’t it?

  2. I can totally relate to what you wrote. Except the part about being at the height of other ppl’s armpits. I don’t have that problem. Other than that, yes, I feel your pain.

    I can’t wait to my own wheels.

  3. my sympathies to all mrt commuters (except those mentioned abv) :p

    well at least it’s not as bad as japan’s..

  4. Hm, the only time I feel like getting physically violent is when I’m trying to alight and people start squeezing in. Since I’m so nice and considerate and give way to alighting passengers, I also tend to be the last to board. Then I get pissed when people don’t want to move in. Sometimes I don’t blame them because the trains have v poorly designed hand railings I feel… everyone just wanna crowd around the 3-prong hand poles.

  5. It’s true people don’t move in. I’ve learnt my lesson not to lean at the glass door anymore. (which used to be my fav spot) Now I stand in the middle. It has surprisingly slightly more space. At least you don’t have to touch people.

    The worst is still the pushing. Still don’t get the rationale of it. Even in NUS internal shuttle, no matter how crowded, people don’t push.

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