Things I wanna do this hols

I’ve drawn up such a list for a few years now. I’ve never completed the whole list before and this is probably my second last one. If anyone’s interested in the following, do text me. :)

1. Museum sightseeing
2. Cycling/rollerblading
3. Changi boardwalk
4. Airport (Haven’t been there in a while. Will b good to see Terminal 3, chill and watch planes)
5. Some random activity to remove the monotony of my life.

A rather short list this year.

8 thoughts on “Things I wanna do this hols

  1. Hey, I love airport. Especially after midnight, nice and serene. Maybe we can mee there one of these days.

    By the way, who wrote this post??

  2. YAY LET’S GO CYCLING!! I can cycle my bike down somewhere and meet you =D. Though.. I don’t mind blading too!! Or everything on the list. If I cannot find a part-time job haha. =DD Did you guys (ij nanaheads!) meet up by the way? Why does it seem like no one blog the supposed meeting on thurs? =(

  3. @Isaac: Oh…it’s by me dude.
    @Kris: Yea we’re meeting up…tmr? LOL! There’s no other place to rent a bike except ecp leh…are you sure you’re gonna cycle to ecp and continue cycling with me?

  4. pasir ris park also can rent bike ;) i cant remember if west coast park can or not.. been far too long ago already

  5. West Coast no more (I think)… Pasir Ris park, Bishan park can.

    Oh yea, I got a wicked idea. Let’s all go down to Changi Airport and play NDS multiplayer. LOLx. Isaac got right? P-line also. And card/board game…

  6. haha yea i don’t mind! cycle everytime from school to ecp and back anyway. so not much difference. eh bishan got ah? can consider going there too whee! yup wcp don’t have now. though they just opened a go-kart store =D UPDATE ME ON HOW IT WENT!! I MISS YOU GUYS!!

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