True yoga and Herbalife

Suppose to be yday’s post but there was something wrong with firefox.

No, this is not a post about promoting said company but rather some disappointments to be aired out. True Yoga first called me on 25 Sept 2008 and after taking a long haitus and thinking that their prey have forgotten them, they struck again on 28 May 2009. Now, the story has gotten more lame than ever.

An employee called and apparently still kept my name. He told me that my friend gave me a free package as a gift. When asked who is the said friend, he is unable to answer. -.-

Was around Taka with Doro 2 days ago and 2 women approached us. 1 younger and the other older. The older one started off saying she’s from HK and she needs help. Pretty smart, banging on the sympathy of the locals for poor lost foreigners. This was followed by asking us if we could help them with a survey. After we agreed, the weird part unfolds. They directed us to the lift and I was trying to remember their faces in case they were going to rob us. (I’m probably paranoid) On the way they were asking a lot of questions which we didn’t bother correcting them even if they were wrong. After that, they led us to their office, Herbalife. Gosh. We didn’t complete the survey.

Doesn’t they know that deceptive communication is bad for the business overall? I would consider myself a rather brand loyal person who believes in the mantra that “one shouldn’t change what isn’t broken” so as long as the brand satisfies me and remain consistent, I pretty much stay with them.

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