A day in business

I went to an exhibition today representing my company and the product that the team is working on. It’s more of a publicity event for us and the event was targeted at investors and people from the industry rather than your commonfolks going to the PC show. I walked around a bit to take a look at what was going on. It feels a bit like I’m in some sort of social elite party. People in suits who with their dressing, somewhat represented themselves as making money every second. There are people who were amused with the product and want to see it launched in the market. Yet, there are some not very nice people in suits. A harsh reminder to me of this dog eat dog world and why I’ll rather prefer talking to an unfeeling computer.

So there was this boss and the lackey that he brought along.


A beefy guy and you can tell, one with status and power. He doesn’t really like the product but puts it in a nicer way and walks away. His lackey pick a chance after him to add insults, saying that he sees no value in the product.


Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch. I don’t even have the chance to defend myself. Worst part was he has to raise his voice. I hate people who raise their voice at me! It’s not like I’ve never met such people in my past jobs. They just like to pass the crap on. (I have a theory that people pass the crap that they receive from work on to juniors and this crap is passed on in a hierarchical manner until the person with the lowest status receives the crap and lives with it.) I felt like doing this


to him.

2 thoughts on “A day in business

  1. bleah. it sucks with lousy bosses encouraging such low-level bootlicking behaviour. and it’s even worse when people stoop to actually doing it, especially at the expense of others. don’t fret too much k. Experience a little negativity now and it might be unpleasant, but you’d definitely go places next time!! ~BRAAAAIIIINSSS

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