More Zombies…. & Execs Messing up my Childhood

[Kotaku – Left 4 Dead 2 Extended Impressions – E3]

[Kotaku – Meet Left 4 Dead 2’s New Survivors, See First Screens – E3]

In case you’re living in a hole, Valve just announced Left4Dead2 at E3. I guess its reception can be described as mixed feelings. As much as we’re looking forward to more zombie action, fighting in the day and finally be able to cut some undead into half with a chainsaw, it’s hard to overlook the sequel which is expected to come our way this November only a year after the original L4D. It’s hard to predict how much more life is there left in L4D once L4D2 comes. Are those of us who bought L4D at a discount weekend over Steam recently screwed over or are owners of L4D able to get its sequel at a cheaper price? I guess we just gotta see Valve’s next move.

I can almost hear the TF2 fans complaining about the lack of updates and fixes for TF2 because of the developers working on L4D2 in secrecy. It’s been said that development of L4D2 commenced almost immediately after L4D was shipped out.

[Kotaku – Tom And Jerry MMO To Revolutionize Cat VS Mouse PVP – Tom and Jerry MMOG]

Title card of The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show.
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I don’t know which business executive thought it’s a brilliant idea to make a MMO out of Tom and Jerry, one of the favourite childhood cartoons of my generation. Whoever they are, they probably fall into the same category of execs who think Hello Kitty online is a brilliant idea. As if LEGO Harry Potter wasn’t enough weirdness for recent game announcements.

One thought on “More Zombies…. & Execs Messing up my Childhood

  1. Well, I’ve given to allowing the corps to milk their IPs, just taking it as them giving a hoot about their own survival.  At least they are still respecting the permission of the consumers. I always respected MMOs for their expansion not interrupting the service of the origningal game, for the people who choose not to buy the expansions.

    And I don’t fully agree with the Tom and Jerry part. Hello Kitty is still viable, but Tom and Jerry is just ridiculous. Too childish for the more hardcore gamers, too violent for the over-zealous parents of the younger gamers. What about the mature gamers who are looking to reminisce? They don’t splurge on MMOs. Sorry, epic fail. =)

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