Simona Halep and her Soon-to-be smaller Assets


The following is strange on so many different levels.

Firstly, someone who most of us have never heard of becomes newsworthy only because she is getting her breasts reduced.

Secondly, she is only 17 and has a 34DD bust size.

Lastly, I went on Wikipedia to find out who the heck this person is and this is what I got:

Simona Halep is a Junior tennis player. She is ranked #258. She won the Junior French Open tennis tournament in 2008 and got to the second round of the qualifying for the Senior French Open in 2009. She has recently announced that she will reduce the size of her large breasts, much to the dismay of her male fans. [+]

I guess they are fans of a different kind…

PS: It’s hard to find an image where she’s not in a compromised pose…

Edit: Following my understanding of how our dear top scholar picks out TV series to watch, I am beginning to understand why he is a tennis fan

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