Another grows up


Family of one of my randomly created Sims that live in the neighbourhood. All the children are female,  have their mom’s hairstyle and their dad’s girth.


Doing homework together helps. Here is Tamoe with her chubby schoolmate.


Part of Amir’s job as a cop is to question people and write reports.


Finally a maid brave enough to dispose of Naoto’s radioactive poo poo.


This is Naoto’s birthday party with a few guests. Most of them I don’t know…


What’s old, freakishly green, named Hulk and dancing with Yuki? Amir’s partner back at the precinct.Screenshot-16

While it may look like Amir is still doing his morning exercises, he’s actually calling for the cake cutting.


Well, at least his sister is excited about his birthday. His mom is still thinking about the green freak.


With Naoto grown up, the house needs yet another expansion.


An overhanging room with a balcony equipped for lazing around or gazing at stars.


Everyone got so tired after the party, they went to bed leaving little Naoto to eat his salad. Strangely the cake can’t be eaten… bug?


That’s a money tree growing there. Looks like the garden is getting a little crowded.


This is the scene outside the house every morning.


Yuki finally accomplished her lifetime goal of reaching the top of the Science career. As a mad scientist, she has the ability to experiment on various things at home but I’m a little hesitant to try it.


Naoto must be a little charmer to be able to saunter into the library and randomly get any lady to help him with his homework.


One of the things I failed to foresee when I made both of the parents family oriented was that they will keep wanting more children.


Let’s see if they will continue to add more to the already somewhat-largish Shidori family.

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