I'm bored

Yay, you can read my little whines. I dislike whiners…but you have been warned. :p

Another boring Sunday and the sky is gray most of the day (like my mood). I’m feeling constipated and choked up. Rah. I’m quite irritated that I have work to do for the different aspects of my life. Imagine having to use illustrator on your day off when you use it everyday at work. Maybe, sometimes…it’s better to pretend you know less.

Kris seem rather ahem, busy since she’s back.

Mousehunting is getting a bit dry. I’m probably still on it cos it’s some leisurely thing I can do at work.

3 thoughts on “I'm bored

  1. hehe.. i have plenty of catching up to do since i missed 6 long months in singapore =DD. free sometime next week? we could meet up yay!!

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