More about the Shidori Family


This is the quaint little house I built for the Shidoris, in the foreground you can see Yuki’s beloved garden.


Tamoe grew up to look pretty decent. Here she is destressing with some computer games. The expectation of good grades in school and from her publisher does take a toll on her.


This is her kid brother Naoto. A heavy sleeper and very bald.


Amir has grown into such a bad-ass cop that he has an angry scowl even when he is expressing how much he enjoyed the last party.


I dug a basement when I first created the house but I had no idea what to do with it. It became Amir’s secret underground gym + swimming pool.


Yuki still loves her gardening. Clearly she loves it more than spending time with her children on a fine evening.


The other side of the house spots a deck with a deck chair that nobody ever uses.


You have to hand it to her though. Since she traded in her Flirt trait for the Green Thumb during her Mid-life Crisis, she has gotten so good she can revive dead plants.


Naoto has grown big enough to walk to make his own poo poo.


But for some reason, the maids would never ever clear his poo poo.

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  1. You can consider starting a SIMs blog. Just to blog about your SIMs. Anyway, how different is S3 from S2? Seems quite similar. And the house you built looks similar to the one I did in S2. Basically one big box! Hahaha!

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