Another cycle starts again

I’ve got all my modules settled easily for this semester. The core mods were pre-allocated and I just dumped all my points for UE. :) Ahh…the benefits of seniority. This semester is a 4 day week with two 8am lectures. This is the second time I’m having 8am lectures. =x

My hyp has reached a roadblock.


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No results, nothing to improve on. There’s a tinge of regret with “why didn’t I discover this earlier?” I was working of course, too tired and worn out to do any hyp related matters.

My brother bought a wii recently and this has created quite a buzz in the family. The kids are crazy over the games and we’re wii-ing almost every night. It created family bonding time that we never had before.

Wii Games

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Such an interface have given life to games such as tennis and strengthen the arms the fun way!

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