Da Vinci exhibition

After a previous failed attempt to go to the exhibition due to the long queue, we were the first there today. It’s good that we went in early as the crowds started streaming in half and hour later and there were bodies pushing bodies to see the exhibits. I was rather disappointed that everything in there are replicas. For 15 bucks, I was expecting something genuine. Nonetheless, I am amazed by the intelligence of someone who lived 500 years ago, had no formal education but an inquisitive, logical and creative mind which churned out numerous ideas that shaped the modern world. Perhaps his genius could be due to the lack of a pre-conceived mental model. It’s like starting a code from scratch vs debugging someone else’s code. However, with so much advances in technology since then, a smart thing to do in this century would be to “stand on the shoulder of giants”.

The exhibits include war machines, gears, anatomy and paintings. Personally, I enjoyed the section on anatomy and paintings more than the rest. His sketches of the human anatomy is very realistic. It’s always one thing to observe and another to be able to draw what you observed. Also, there are explanations on “The Last Supper”, “Mona Lisa” and “The Vitruvian Man”. We’re probably very familiar with those paintings but how many of us can appreciate it? The subtlety, the hidden meanings and what makes them so special?

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The Mona Lisa.

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If you’re interested, tomorrow’s the last day of the exhibition!

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