Kotaku: Diablo III Barbarian Impressions

Diablo III

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[Diablo III Impressions: Hands On With The Barbarian – Kotaku]

The Gamescom (and Blizzcon) demo of Diablo III featured at Blizzard’s booth features the three announced classes: Wizard, Barbarian and Witchdoctor, with male and female options for both. I opted for the Barbarian, what I assumed would be the easiest, most familiar introduction to Diablo III. That assumption was correct. Blizzard doesn’t seem to have mucked with the successful formula of click, kill and loot in the newest Diablo.

I’m sure more impression will follow with the rest of the classes which would give us a glimpse into the gameplay of Diablo III. Can’t wait for the real deal but I guess as they say, good things are worth waiting for. Besides knowing Blizzard, the game will be done when it’s done.

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