Anti-virus don’t like each other?

I’ve been using free AVG for quite a while now and decided to try some other free anti-virus available out in the market. After an uneventful scheduled weekly scan by AVG which only picked out the usual bunch of website cookies, I installed Avira AntiVir. Once the software is updated, I ran a complete system scan.

I picked out a few trojans which AVG missed but the strangest occurrence has to be the following:

avira avg

I don’t quite understand what’s happening but it seems AVG’s Resident Shield picked out a trojan scanned by Avira or somehow it just labelled Avira’s avscan a trojan.

2 thoughts on “Anti-virus don’t like each other?

  1. Hi,
    it is not an AVG false positive. It is because your Avira avscan.exe process access the trojan stored somewhere and at this moment AVG catches the infected file and as information given it only displays the name of the process which accesses the infected file (avscan.exe).

    • that makes sense! strange that AVG didn’t pick it up at all during the scheduled scans weekly

      and it seems Avira scans a lot more files, maybe I’ve been setting my AVG up wrongly. Anyway I’ve decided to give Avira a try. :mrgreen:

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