CSI: Partial Family Reunion


I don’t know if it’s the special effects, the videography, the impossible yet impossibly-cool gadgets, the edgey setting in the sin capital of the world, the characters, the bizarre cases or the music but CSI has a special hold on me. It’s been a slight decline since Grissom left the team but it’s still like that crash accident that you want to look away from but can’t help by fixated on. Locksley even reminded me how the cliffhanger for the end of last season was Laurence Fishburne‘s character shooting someone. This pales in comparison to how they left us wanting more in previous seasons. Not to mention the lack of a big case that the team had to follow through several episodes.

I’m conflicted on how they slowly introduced Laurence Fishburne’s character into the team when William Peterson left his on-screen role. Although top billed, he wasn’t immediately the new leader of the team, which is a good thing. But this meant that more time had to be spent developing the Dr Ray Langston character. With the departure of several cast members and the time focussed on Langston, I can’t help but feel the previous season was time just spent getting to know him. Now that we know him well enough, hope we continue to learn about the rest of the team.

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Liz Vassey fans would be pleased as she’s getting credited with the rest of the cast at the opening titles. Hope this means she’d get a bigger role and we’ll get to see more development between her character and Hodges.

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