People have been saying “What’s up wit…

People have been saying “What’s up with movies titled 9?” Sure there’s District 9, 9 and Nine. I’d say “What’s up with all the vampire dramas?”, especially teen romance dramas.

There’ve probably been this niche area in literature but I guess with big screen success of Twilight, they’re even popping up on the small screens recently in the form of The Vampire Diaries.

What happened to vampires being monsters of the night? A vampire isn’t going to romance you and work his charms on you then go into internal conflict against his instincts of feeding on you. C’mon, vampires aren’t supposed to be emo teen boys!

I love the Vampire: The Masquerade mythos, it’s edgey, macabre, intriguing. Vampires spin a web of a deception, manipulate the world and play their underground politics, treat humans as livestock; they don’t saunter into a small town high school and start charming first the sad emo girl they see while sustaining themselves on small animals.

Maybe TV execs grown bored of normal teen romance and thought “Hey, why not throw in vampires!”. Teen horror romance as a genre is just wrong… Surely, Bram Stoker would turn in his grave if he learnt the media’s portrayal of vampires today.

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