Seems like I just went through the busie…

Seems like I just went through the busiest recess week ever. Again, recess is another irony of life. It’s literal meaning is “a general term for a period of time in which a group of people is temporarily dismissed from its duties”. I spent most of my time coding for a project and during those moments when I delve deep into the logic of it, a random thought crept in that machines can never replace programmers. Seriously, which programmer will cause him/her self to lose their job? I’m glad my part of the project is finally done and my partner is going to wrap up.

9 was rather dry to me. I was mostly confused during the movie and everything came to light almost at the end. In-between, it’s just a bunch of puppet like things vs metal machines. I feel there’s not enough emphasis given to character development. 9 is suppose to be the protagonist but somehow, I don’t feel that much attachment to him unlike Carl in Up. If there’s anything about 9 that I like, is the human hands portrayed in the movie (realistic details) and the fact that it is possible that such a scenario may present itself in the future which gives room to more imaginative ponderings.

If this is hell week, what is hell week going to be like?

3 thoughts on “Seems like I just went through the busie…

  1. Actually I dun think machines could ever replace us due to the many unsolved/unsolvable problems in computability theory. Good example is the Halting problem, where there’s no algo to determine whether a program will stop running.

    • yea.. in software development, human resource is very valuable, especially if you’re experienced and well trained

      in the recent economic recession, it was reported that Sony retrenched a bunch of folks except in their Sony Computer Entertainment division which work on their games.

  2. I must agree that I’m a little disappointed with 9. Conceptually it was a good idea and it was visually stunning as well. But for some reason, it felt slow and something was missing. It could be we had very little understanding of where the story was going or what’s going on. Or the fact that the movie had so many fighting action scenes that you can’t really enjoy the main climax.

    In short, 9 seems like a very good idea for a video game but seems a little clumsy squeezed into a 90 minute feature.

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