The ugly truth

We went to watch “The ugly truth” today. It’s a very different kind of romance comedy plot which left the crowd in the theatre laughing very loudy at some point and going “Ohhh..” at other times. Halfway through the movie, I realised that Gerard Butler also acted in 300! I like his different and fresh role in this new movie – the uncouth relationship advisor.

One thought on “The ugly truth

  1. I love the music and it’s a really funny and candid look at romance and relationships. I can’t say all the advice is good as we learn how the male protagonist became who he is later in the movie.

    If I were to give relationship advice, I’d share two:

    1] Never be someone who you aren’t just to date someone. If you’re gonna be extra nice or pick up some strange hobby or habit just to date someone, you better become this person you just manufactured because that’s who the person you’re dating gonna fall in love with. But surely, nobody can keep up an act forever, so just be yourself and if you can’t be nicer, be just as nice as when you were first started dating.

    2] This goes out to the guys. Don’t be an emo, sob-sob boy. Sure the girls might take pity and go ‘awww’ on you initially but they also do that to a lamed puppy dog; they’d probably just call you a crybaby at the end of the day. Man up and be dependable, girls don’t always need you to be handsome or rich or smart but they definitely need a sense of security. If you really need to be emo, at least try to be vampire teen-romance cool emo and not awwww–mummy…. emo.

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