There are several types of headaches.

Migraine Barbie has Snapped!
Image by Migraine Chick via Flickr

There are several types of headaches. Among them, you can find the head-splitting migraine, the one you get during a hangover which makes you vulnerable to any light and sound and then there’s the one with a bearable numbing drone in your head but turns every high pitch noise into a potential trigger for physical violence.

I’m suffering from the last and it doesn’t really help when you can still hear some people over the headphones. I’m beginning to suspect some people work within a totally different set of work ethics. I have no issue with people who work on their labs at home but I take offence at those who do that and be disruptive when they have nothing to do and don’t offer their help to others who are struggling but decide to play games and chat.

Wearing headphones isn’t really a solution either, it just makes me look anti-social. Been there before. Gonna try sleep off the headache and work on the lab  in peace.

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