I posted a vid on fb about animal skin t…

I posted a vid on fb about animal skin that are being used for commercial purposes. I can’t believe that the animals are killed in such a cruel manner. Just to get a perfect piece of skin which fetches a higher price.

Most of the animals don’t even reach adulthood when their bodies are smashed to the ground, their skin tore from their bodies, leaving their naked bloody body on the floor and them to SLOWLY DIE. There is another vid in which a chefs compete to cook and serve food as fast as possible. A live snake is cooked and serve in a few minutes and it’s flesh is still wriggling. A fish’s body is fried and serve while it’s mouth is still gasping for air and the judges poke around at its flesh and pop it into their mouth.

Just as animals prey on one another for food, it is natural that humans kill animals for food and take their skin for clothes. But it is the act of doing it in such a cruel and torturing way to the animals is just too sadistic.

Thinking back, we walked past a shop in JP that sells cow leather bags. At that point in time, I thought to myself that cows are very abundant and lots of people in the world eat beef anyway. So there’s probably lots of skin to go around. Maybe lots of people think that way too. But does the cow slaughter house work to mutually benefit with the cow leather producers? Come to think of it, cow leather may be made of the skin of young calves.

Stop buying real leather. The animals don’t deserve to die this way.

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