Last week was a tumultuous week.
Woke up on a Monday morning feeling queasy and dizzyness from the morning Sun followed by vomiting. I went to the doc and got meds for gastritis. That stuff just makes me sleep the whole day only waking to eat. Met Nic and Aud on a Wednesday. I still couldn’t eat much.I just came back from a short weekend holiday with my family. We drove to Malaysia. Most of the time were spent on eating and sitting around in the car. Gah! I’m still so bloated. The food over there was good and cheap. :)

I guess most of us only appreciate what we have here when we see what people in other countries have. Here’s what I like about this place after my little weekend holiday

1. Lamps along all our roads
2. Pretty good traffic mannerisms.
3. Traffic jams that get cleared within 30mins.
4. Signs are in english!
5. Good public transport system. (It’s bitchy during peak hours but over there, I hardly see the public bus)
6. No smoking areas!
7. Our coffee shops are renovated and pretty clean
8. Clean toilets!

I was surprised to find that they have quite a number of english radio stations over there and all playing hit songs such as those by Colbie Calliat, Taylor Swift and plain white tees.

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