Goodbye 2009, hello 2010

I haven’t written much this year. I remember posting lolcats on most days and a few sentences of rants on other days. Since it’s the last day, I’ll do some sober reflections of the year.

This year have been most exciting and fast paced. There was hardly a day in which there was nothing to do, nothing to looks forward to and I love the adrenaline that has been fueling me. Of course, there were days when I’m just worn out but geeky things never fail to excite me.

For many, this year may not be a very good year with the economic crisis. I have friends who have difficulties finding jobs, fresh grads take a much lower starting pay, people get retrenched and others worry about keeping their jobs. As someone who is graduating in a few months time, I just hope the situation gets better.

With friends who have graduated comes more social gatherings. I’ve known the bear family for 5 years now and the ij nanaheads for 9 years! It shocked me when I did the calculations. All these friendships start from fate but the fact that they are maintained makes them so precious. We have a shared history and they have watched me grow just as I have watched them. Who would’ve thought that we’ll be here while we were still studying? These 2 groups of people are the most important friends in my life. Not forgetting Subby who has been a part of my life for 3 years. He compliments me as the downer, bringing me back to realism and clarity when my mind is fogged up by emotions.

Another major aspect of my life is University. FYP is indeed demanding. However, it provides the opportunity for learning many things which I would not be able to if I have taken modules. Unix, Perl and what not.

2010 will be challenging and exciting. I’m looking forward to graduation! :) Here’s wishing everyone a Happy new year!

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