So I say mirrors are like friends

Just like friends, there are both good and bad not-so-good mirrors. A decent mirror, like a decent friend, will tell you what you probably already know about yourself: how you generally look. That’s all and well, however a decent mirror is just that, decent. It does its job but its surface is a little marred. Like a mirror in a steamy room, you can tell your silhouette from the reflection but can’t really make out the details no matter how close you stare into the mirror. That’s where you need a good mirror or if you prefer mirror High Def. When you look into mirror HD, it reveals every single thing: a little pockmark¬† here, a zit there and that tiny scar you always try to hide because you got it in an embarrassing accident; basically, mirror HD shows it all.

Well, not everyone likes to see the tiny or not-so-tiny imperfections. That’s why some of us would settle for our reflection in standard definition. Do you remember the story of Snow White? Well actually the part about the queen and her magic mirror. In a way, the mirror is like her best friend because it tells her exactly the truth. When it told her that she’s no longer the fairest of them all, the truth mind you, she went into psychotic denial and immediately plotted the murder of Snow White.

The other thing about mirrors is the quantity of mirrors one possesses. Some people have just that big mirror in their room or a shared mirror somewhere in the house. While others need mirrors wherever they can. Not only do they need to carry pocket mirrors to make sure their pimples are not peeking from beneath their make-up, they make use of every single reflective surface available, be it a store decoration or tinted glass, to make sure their pocket mirrors are not lying to them. I guess it’s no longer sufficient for these people to cover their imperfections, they need as many mirrors as possible to assure them that their covers are not blown.

I guess at the end of the day, there’s may be no such thing as a good or a bad mirror. Some people like to see themselves for who they really are while others just want assurance for how they want to look.

So what type of mirror do you like? I just have that big mirror in that closet to tell me if my hair is combed properly and whether I’m wearing something badly coordinated; and another common mirror in the toilet to help me shave and floss. Then again we’re not really talking about mirrors here are we?

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