Today we explore why do girls turn lesbian.

This is an issue that confuses some people, including me. So I went to ask Google:

why do girls

The usual Google suggestions silliness aside, I got a bunch of links:

True lesbians/bisexual girls:

These girls are truely attracted to other girls. It’s as natural as you being straight. Trust me, if it were men doing things wrong that caused women to go lesbian, then no girls would ever be straight considering how much we screw up. No, these girls wouldn’t be straight even if the male population consisted entirely of handsome gentlemen.

Spotlight Lesbians/Bisexual Girls:

These girls are not true lesbians or bisexuals. It has now become some kind of fad for girls to be bisexual. I figure they do this for one or a combination of 3 reasons:

says raige_er… @ Why do girls turn bi or lesbian? – Yahoo! Answers

It is called GENETICS. Nobody turns lesbian.

via WikiAnswers – Why do some girls turn lesbian

here are alot of flaws with the opposite sex, so why not be with the same sex? There are alot of girls, and not all of them have fun or are satisfied with Men alone.. Ofcourse, the girls have the looks and the body. Who wouldn’t be attracted to them? Girls can’t be lesbians with one click.. Once they start to get attracted to the same sex.. and started to love everything about them.. then, they dont prefer guys anymore.. Then, thats it. They’re a lesbian now..

says Jurica. @ How do girls become lesbian? Can smone explain.? – Yahoo! Answers

Why are some people more angry than others? Why are some people really shy? Why are some people agitated all the time? Why are some people homosexual?

The answer to any question dealing with human behavior is a complex one, a combination of “nature” and “nurture”. Looking for a simple answer is fultile.

via WikiAnswers – Why are some women lesbian

Lastly, in case you’re suspecting your best friend could be a lesbian,

Watch the body language. This is usually a definite giveaway. Does your friend brush against you or touch you very often? Does she often stand very close to you, and look at you a lot? Test this out when you're together, and test this out when you see her with other girls. Make sure you don't make a mistake though. Sometimes she may just be looking at you because you're wearing a new outfit, and brushing against someone is an action used with most, if not all good friends.

via How to Tell if Your Best Friend Is Lesbian – wikiHow

From what I know, homosexuality could truly be in the genes. Gays are born gays and a guy don’t sudden become attracted to other guys. Otherwise, I don’t know how the military would operate if guys start becoming sexually attracted to their mates during a hot, vigourous training session.

Truth be told, this entry was inspired by an acquaintance and I know of a few people like this as well. So do share any serious thoughts and comments. No jokes other than on Google’s suggestions please.

Lastly, I apologize if I’m using inappropriate / politically incorrect terms. Feel free to correct and educate me.

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3 thoughts on “Today we explore why do girls turn lesbian.

  1. generally in my own opinion i think it sucks what should a guy or girl be looking for the same sex it’s lame and not good by the way no one was born such way God made man and woman not man and man so quit hiding in your ignorance and let to be God’s own

  2. Well i can really say that the Lesbian Population has certainly increased over these years when many of us Straight Guys will try to start a conversation with a woman that will Attract us which she will start Cursing at us men for No Reason at all. A combination of being very Mentally Disturbed and Gay as well.

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