Crystal Jade buffet

We just ate Crystal Jade steamboat buffet! I ate a total of 3 baskets of xiao long bao which falls under the 4 baskets aim to cover the amount we paid. The free flow of barley was good. I’m still craving for barley. We ate a whole lot of other stuffs which is pretty typical of steamboat I guess. Order the unknown, surprise, dip, boil, eat. I’m so full I can’t really sleep though I’m sleepy. It’s such a weird predicament to be in. I guess I won’t be eating xiao long bao in a while…and steamboat too. It’s a pity we didn’t get to try the desserts.

Yes, I ate a lot of corn.

One thought on “Crystal Jade buffet

  1. me, yun and a few frens went to the 1 at hol v too juz b4 i came seoul.. we started our order with a huge amt of xiao long bao (i forgot how many) that the waitress was stumped. lol

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