Fairy tail ending song


Take me away to someplace!
Let’s ride on a tin horse, just the two of us
Go! Go! Let’s go! Romance!

It’s sad that my beloved doll can’t talk to me
Go! Go! Let’s go! Romance!

Every time I think of you tears start to flow
I’m a crybaby, aren’t I?
In the moon (the moon) at night (at night)
I’m always (I’m always)
searching for the rabbit!

I’m at a loss for words (Hey! Hey!)
so much it’s like I’m under a spell
This love is a monologue
from which I’ll never awaken

I’m at a loss for words (Hey! Hey!)
since I’ve completely fallen in love
I wonder what spell I could chant
to get through to you?
The perfect thing to say,
Sprouting this and that,
I just love you like crazy!
One day I want to be able to tell you
You got me
My word of thanks

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