Happy 2010

Mousehunt's New Year 2010 White Mouse

What can I say.. I think 2009’s been pretty much a blur for me. I can hardly imagine I just completed my undergraduate course in July because it seems like I did a lot since then. As some of you might have known, I applied for a course after sitting at home for a month or so. It was Boro who recommended it to me and we thought it was actually a job listing initially.

Thankfully, it all turned out well. Picked up some new technical knowledge and know more people. The good thing about being in such a specialised course is you actually meet very like-minded people. It’s always great to meet people who enjoy and talk about the same things. It’s a shame that a couple of them are leaving for the States to pursue career opportunities. But I guess the great thing about the Internet is that distance doesn’t really matter as long as you remember to greet them “Good Morning” when it’s night.

2009 was a good year but I’m sure 2010 can top that. This is as good a place as any for me to put down some stuff to remind myself what I want to do in the coming year.

  • Get into a healthy shape and lifestyle by Commencement 2010. I have 8 months, this should be do-able.
  • Try to see if we could run WP Mu on slynk. Should make everything more manageable. While at it, I should do a proper portfolio page after I tidy up everything.
  • Speaking of portfolio, I want to finish a game demo by the end of the year. Something small and fun. Anyone interested in helping? Been having these and that ideas but this time should just stick to one and a platform and work at it for real.

Well, I’m heading for attachment come Monday. Hope everything pans out well.

Happy New Year everyone~ Have a great year ahead!

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