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For years now, manga textbooks have been explaining things like the English language and cooking. So why not electronic circuitry, quantum mechanics or even thermodynamics?

via Quantum Mechanics Made Easy With Manga – Manga – Kotaku.

Jo and I actually saw this in Popular, well the English version that is. They have topics ranging from calculus to molecular biology. It could just be me but I found the manga illustrations rather distracting since there’s this stark contrast in the juxtaposition of teaching material and big-eyed character drawings. When I changed upon scenes of the typical plot of boy trips and accidentally falls on girl, I knew I’ve seen enough.

Educators have been trying to innovate teaching materials to keep up with the evolving mentality of students. I still remember the computer-aided teaching methods of my generation, looks like they’ve moved on to new ideas to capture the ever-shortening attention span of students. What’s interesting is that the computer-aided teaching method was mainly used to introduce subjects to young children but this series of manga textbook is tackling college-level subjects such as quantum mechanics.

Someone must have thought, “Hm, teens these days love to read manga.. Manga textbooks, hmm.. hell, why not?

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  1. hehe yea.. bioinformatics is interesting but most of the things is somehow a mystery in its own way :P so if ur having a bioinformatics manga textbook, then it will end up like a “why is this that?” “I dunno~” book

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