Bday list 2010

So, another bday during exam week. Last one! Here’s a list of stuff I wanna get after exams. Well…if you wanna get it for me you can let me know. :p

1. Portable hardisk (Not sure which band is good, any recommendations?) I realise I don’t need this anymore.

2. Iphone

3. Speakers for my laptop (Forgot the name…but Subby knows which one) X mini capsule! Got it!

Yar…I’m a geek. Kakaka! More to come when I think of it.


So Van was asking me what else I would like for my bday. It seems I’ve gotten all the stuff in my list or figured out I don’t really need it. Well…I did think of one thing I would like. Since I’ve recently bought an iphone, I thought, I want an octopus tripod. The phone can’t balance on it’s own and the cam apps are pretty cool to play with.

4. Octopus tripod (Gorillapod) Can be found in Sg! Anyone getting for me? =x

5. Kiehl’s/G2000 vouchers

Well, there’s always the vouchers. =)

2 thoughts on “Bday list 2010

  1. I think Black Eyed Peas is a pretty good band, but I am not sure what does this have anything to do with a portable hard disk.


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