What a Difference a Year makes

In May of 1998 I grabbed my primitive digital camera, hopped on a MARTA train, and took my first stumbling steps as a video game journalist. A year later I wanted nothing to do with video games.

I started writing for Kotaku in November of 2006, but my first role as a video game journalist came several years before that, at a website called Videogamers.com. While I feel my initial stint as a game reporter/reviewer makes for an interesting story, one year later my life took a turn that nearly had me giving up gaming for good.

via My Painful Break-Up With Games – Relationships – Kotaku

That was an interesting article from Kotaku’s Mike Fahey, take some time to read it. It also made me think about Bear Studios one year ago.

I think there were several things going on for us. Most people are that time were wrapping up their various projects and preparing for their exams. We were introduced to MDA’s XNA initiative and were looking to get a grant to work on a game over a year. I remember getting an idea in the middle of the night and sharing it with the guys one day. After that we quickly put together a team to prepare a proposal for the grant. We attended the Microsoft XNA Developer Day suggested and actually got a proposal in at the last minute.

Well, our proposal was turned down and we all moved on. Bear started doing his image processing research thing, Yun started working in a company that we both interviewed at, Boro is holidaying in Japan now but will be working in Korea for another year or so and I took up a diploma which is pretty much a phase of my life on its own. I never really found out what happened to the other members we attempted to put together as a team.

Back then we were thinking about why we were rejected. Was it the lack of market analysis, the lack of concept art or the distribution of our budget? Looking back now, knowing what I know now, it was probably the fact that we don’t have a proper game design document. Yea, game development is serious business. I wonder what happened to the teams who actually got on the Initiative, seems like there’s only one submission from Singapore for the last Dream-Build-Play.

Diploma program ends in less than 4 months. No real idea what’s next. Another year ahead…

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