Life after exams

It’s been a few days since my last paper. From then till now, I’ve been settling a few admin matters with regards to work. My boss requires that I familiarize myself with what I need to do before I start. It seems he has given me a short deadline to do so. Oh well, but it beats hanging around worrying about finances and not having a job. Unlike most of my peers who get to go on grad trip, I do not have the liberty to do so. The first would of course be I’m a poor student who just finished my education and the second would be my parents do not support me financially with that. I can understand the predicament they are in. We’re not wealthy folks. Kris is going to a few places and stretching her dollar by staying in hostels over there. Although the places she’s going sounds really exciting, I’m not the person who’ll settle for hostel overseas. Anyhow, Kris, I hope you’ll have a blast over there and come back safely!

After 1 plus year of not going for many invited gatherings because of projects, exams or fyp, I just want to head out and meet people now! We watched Iron man 2 yesterday, 4th row from the front. I didn’t expect it to be that near. It’s a great movie! My nose was leaking crazily in the theatre. Subby sent me home after the movie, bought panadol and sugar cane drink. ღ

Time to play games and waste the day away!

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  1. 3 months. Sometime in November or January will be good. Can avoid the December crowd. Not sure when Subby’s probation ends though. I think it’s 3 months too.

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