Now on windows 7!

I’ve reformatted and switched from windows vista to windows 7. Indeed, 7 is what vista should have been. My start up time is approximately 1 minute and no glitch spotted so far. :)

One thing I like about windows 7 is that the windows are displayed as icons on the taskbar. It’s a brilliant idea! Two things I don’t like about the way it is implemented is

1. The preview shows up whenever I hover my cursor over it.

2. The rest of my windows fade leaving only the window when I hover over the preview.

These are not just annoying but consumes computational power as well. I managed to get rid of point 1 using Taskbar Tweaker and point 2 by turning off aero preview. Yes, the taskbar is very charming now.

The disadvantage of doing a reformat is I lose the drivers required for keys like Fn+F8 on my lenovo T400. Something which I use very often since I switch between a mouse and touchpad. It took a lot of googling and reading up before I found out that I should download ThinkVantage System Update. Hopefully, this helps anyone out there who’s facing the same problem.

Probably the only thing I’m not satisfied about Windows 7 is that I can’t seem to install my cs4 package. It’s left to try out if JCreator, Steam and itunes run smoothly.

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