Prince of Persia

We caught Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time a few days back. Say what you will about video game movies but Sands of Time was entertaining to say the least.

I remembered the original Prince of Persia with its prince in white and floor of deadly spikes, as well as its sequel where the protagonist wore a turban. Sands of Time, as its title suggest, is based on Ubisoft’s Sands of Time trilogy of games.

The film had a mix of fighting and acrobatic stunts set in an exotic locale. The movie was borderline fresh on RT when we caught it and it dropped to 40% at the time of writing. I find it unsettling when the aggregate score is 40%, the top critics‘ is 26% and the community’s rating is 71%. Are the critics saying the everyday man shouldn’t be enjoying the movie as much because they say so?

Some are comparing this to Pirates, saying it could be Bruckheimer’s next big franchise. I don’t know how and when this comparison started. Did Prince of Persia present the same charm and magic as when I caught the first Pirates? No. Was it an entertaining movie? Yes.Will it be a big successful movie franchise? We’ll see.

If you look at some game-to-movies like Chun Li, Dead or Alive and the trailer for the upcoming King of Fighters, you’d come to realise Sands of Time is pretty darn good. Those familiar with the Prince of Persia games will even recognise some of the prince’s costumes.

It was late after the movie and we had dinner at the hawker place next to Concorde Hotel (previously known as Meridien Hotel), along Cavanagh Road. I can’t remember the proper name now but it features some of the old food stalls at Orchard Road Carpark, much like some of stalls at Gluttons Bay.

The food’s cheaper than Gluttons Bay from last I remembered, it’s around food court prices. We had mince meat vermicelli and and fried oyster!

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