As humans, we are apprehensive of change. It is always better to remain in our comfort zone around the people we are most comfortable with and doing the things that are habitual. At the same time, we are driven to change by time. From the time we entered pre-school to the time we graduate, most of us would have experienced change many times: change in classmates, change in school, change in teachers etc. Before I entered university, change has always been a traumatic experience for me. I fear change much as I know I have to face the circumstances that it brings me to. Perhaps that was why I never really ventured to a different CCA in JC. However, having entered JC without the people I usually hang out with in secondary school and still being able to find great friends (which we still hang out together till today), I was a little bolder to enter a university course with no one I know who was going there. Looking back on the 4 years, I have made friends, a few closer ones and a boyfriend. So it seems, my initial fears were again unfounded. However, I can’t help feeling this bit of fear for tomorrow. The transition from student to employee is a step I’ve never taken before. The good thing is at least I have 2 friends there.

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