First week

1 week gone by in a flash. Coding stuff I’ve never done before. Knowing people who are already in the company helps, makes me feel less intimidated by the working world.

Played tennis with Bear, Yun, Ly and Subby this morning. It’ll probably be my only weekly exercise event. It feels good to walk to the train all smelly and sweaty because nobody shoved against me. At that point, I had a nasty thought of experimenting this during peak hours. Went for pixar’s exhibition with Ever in the afternoon. It was good! Love the sketches. It’s better than manga in my opinion.

I was telling Subby how I noticed that programmers are actually very employable. I didn’t know this while I was studying. I only realised this after seeing friends who found jobs after graduation. Why doesn’t the jcs offer computing anymore? Not like I took computing in jc…but it helps to keep the standard in uni up. Well, you get to learn C++ which is quite essential in my opinion. I will probably have to pick it up sometime myself.

The lolcat below is funny. A cat pretending to be a rabbit and a princess?

4 thoughts on “First week

  1. I quite agree with the pt that we as comp grads r quite employable. Almost every industry needs computing in 1 form or another (or at least, ms office) and IT staff have to learn abt how others work in order to produce the software that the customers would want in mind. Even if these IT staff do not intend to continue in the IT field anymore, their knowledge of the main industry that they work in (mine would b healthcare) will help in switching paths to a certain extent.

    As for C++, I haven’t learnt it yet but I think C# is a better stepping stone b4 C++ becoz of the strict constraints in C# (or java similarily). C++ has a bit too much flexibility such that u can go against the flow of logic. The strictness of programming languages seem to b very impt as they serve an easy way to convert them into other languages, but vice versa wise, it can b a big big headache…

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