Ichi Teh @ Sunshine Plaza

We passed by Ichi Teh several times while going to Sunshine plaza for wanton noodles. After my haircut last week, I decided to try the Jap food at this small eatery.

They had Japanese drapes in the eatery. The decoration was simple yet pleasing. Once inside, I was greeted with the sweet aroma of grilled food. Even though all the tables in the eatery was for tables of four, guests who were eating solo had the whole table to themselves and those who wanted to dine there had to wait. That’s something I really like about the place – personal space. The whole eatery was managed by two people: the chef and a waitress. The waitress was very polite. She went straight to business by taking my order. The place specializes in grilled food. I ordered a unagi udon and a cup of hot green tea (refillable). I spent a total of $8.20 and they didn’t charge for gst or service charge.

I would give the place a two thumbs up for atmosphere, food and service. Forget the announcement of “ishimasei!” We just want to enjoy our food in peace.

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