What happened these hols?

This has got to be the most enjoyable holidays ever albeit a very short one.

I guess it was good that I was somehow coerced into starting work asap. I realised I running out of cash with my very expensive iphone toy to maintain till I get my first paycheck. This post is dedicated to the things which I have done.

1. Bought an iphone 3G/S.
My LG phone died. This is probably the most expensive thing I have ever bought with my own money. It was to celebrate the end of exams with some self pampering.

2. Facial.
The staff coerced me into it by commenting how my nose is filled with blackheads and that I should get them to squeeze it out. Squeeze is an understatement. The pain was worst than any foot reflex I’ve ever been to. They used very sharp equipment to poke holes in my skin followed by madly pinching the blackheads out. What’ya know? My blackheads came back eventually. They are easier to remove with the nosepatch now though. Anyone knows any food to eat to combat dry skin?

3. Computer overhaul
I proudly reformatted my laptop by myself and installed windows 7. First time I went through the whole process myself. It’s tiring and not something enjoyable.

4. Gatherings
A good deal of gatherings for the past month. Morton’s buffer with the girls, Timbre and Fish & Co being the more impactful ones which required planning. Still other last minute meet ups with friends over a meal.

5. Bear bbq
BBQ with the bears to celebrate bdays for 3 people, myself included.

6. Shopping
Did quite a bit of shopping especially for smart casual wear. Mostly done with Mon or alone since most of my friends are working or on grad trip. Shopping alone has it’s perks of being able to go where you want and do what you want but there’s always the lack of second opinion on whether a particular outfit is good and worth the price.

7. D’Kranji
Quite a different experience kind of a vacation. It’s a pity that we didn’t get to see the place in its’ full glory as it was undergoing a management transfer while we were there. Still, we experienced a different kind of Singapore and discovered new places to eat!

8. Go crazy upon receiving results.

9. Readings
I’ve started due to expectations. It’s like fyp all over again.

What do I want to do before the year ends?

1. Travel to somewhere in ASIA!
Yeap, clear leave after probation.

2. Visit the IRs.
I really really want to visit the IRs! Who’s game?

3. Pixar exhibition
Oh crap, I’m suppose to plan for this but it somehow slipped my mind until now. Hope I’m not too late.

3 thoughts on “What happened these hols?

  1. For point 2, I’ll b going to resort world for a competition but I can’t really stay there and have fun due to work :p

    For point 3, jio me when going leh.. I still haven’t go since it opened in April -.-“

  2. Ooo..Ok, found out that it’s still open this Sunday. I’m thinking of Sunday afternoon. Subby needs to confirm with a friend to see if we can get staff discount tics. It would be better also since we won’t have to queue.

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