Men, Women and Shopping

I don’t about the rest of you guys but I can’t really say I like shopping at all, especially if I’m just tagging along. I’d go as far to say I’d rather investigate a memory corruption error at work than to go on a shopping trip I won’t enjoy.

Depending on circumstances, I could be indifferent, annoyed or even be in a very foul mood when on a shopping trip. A lot depends on how involved I am or would I be bored. Unfortunately, like a lot of men it seems, the shopping trips I enjoy the least at the ones with the girlfriend. This can’t be good for any relationship so I turned to the Internet for advice. I’m not sure whether men and women are programmed to shop together s hopefully some of my findings will be great public service to all.

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I first suspect the issue lies with the Men so I started by searching for “how to enjoy shopping with my girlfriend” and then I got to “how to let my boyfriend enjoy shopping“. I’m not sure if it’s just a matter of phrasing but I got more relevant links for the first search than the second. Both led to some other interesting pages which I’d include below

Set a post-shopping goal
Plan a light at the end of the tunnel. Whether it’s a 7:00 p.m. movie or a 8:15 p.m. dinner reservation, have a goal that will end the shopping. Make sure it’s a goal that she agrees to and would enjoy or it will appear you’re once again attacking her shopping trip. Also, if you’re both looking forward to it, she won’t be upset about ending her one-day contribution to the economy
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6) Solicited Opinions. Men’s opinions do not always count. Women love to ask their partners their opinion about an item they would like to buy, but they do not really need their men’s opinion, they just want their men to agree with them. Men almost always just end up agreeing just to get it over with.
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I don’t think this just applies to shopping. Women shouldn’t ask for opinion if they are not going to matter or if they do not really want the answer to.

Oh come on. Girls do too much shopping lol. I’m a guy and experienced it a lot. While shopping you could try to do something fun with them. Make him stare at your b….when u say what do you think of this top. Keep him busy. Lol dont make em a butler.
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On the rare chance that he is not distracted by something else or being bored and actually picks out something for you, don’t just brush it off, give it a try in the fitting room. If you get the men involved in the shopping, they will hate it less.

Now on to some other stuff I chance upon that aren’t related to shopping:

If you ask us to communicate, we think it’s a trap. Women say they want me to be honest, but when men let it rip, women don’t like the answers.
2. A man is less likely to feel romantic if a woman is making his life miserable. If you want to cuddle, don’t start a fight over leaving the toilet seat up or not taking out the garbage, Buzzkill.
via 10 Secrets Men Keep From Women | YourTango
Don’t take him shoe shopping
Look ladies, men don’t like shoe shopping. Let me rephrase that–straight men don’t like shoe shopping. Most would rather be bludgeoned to death with their own pair of Adidas. Look, it’s not that we don’t like spending time with you; we just don’t feel comfortable in a women’s shoe store. I blame Al Bundy, but it’s just a fact of life. We’ll be at the food court at Sbarro. Come get us when it’s time to go to Victoria’s Secret.
via 8 things every guy secretly wishes his girlfriend would do | Guyism
Shop with us
The whole “let’s meet back up in an hour” thing is not really okay with us, but we go along with it so we don’t have you sulking in the corner of Macy’s bringing down our department store high. We like to help you decide which pair of jeans makes your butt look better, and we’d also like your opinion on which dress will be better for New Year’s Eve. We will save you the pain and take our girlfriends the majority of the time, but every once in a while a little couples shopping would be appreciated. Yes, we think it’s cute and romantic, and, no, Best Buy does not count.
via Six Things Every Girl Secretly Wishes Her Boyfriend Would Do : College Candy

I can’t say for sure about the rest of the points but I genuinely feel that girls like to shop with their boyfriends.

The important word there is “with”, so if I am to give advice, it would be for couples to shop with each other and not just for any one person. If you girls want someone to accompany you while shopping “for” you, please ask your girlfriends because they know enough about female fashion to be interested and given relevant opinions.

Speaking of which, I should probably go ask Jo what kind of shopping she dislikes doing with me. I think I should probably stop bringing her along when I go scouting for games or electronics prices.

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  1. I like going shopping with my girlfriend. She doesn’t like going shopping with me. Probably because we have different tastes and she doesn’t like the stuff I recommend to her. Haha!

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