Stephen Zen: Game progression gone wrong

Things got a little too investigative with the investigative reporter.

Yup, she’s pregnant. For some strange reason, I couldn’t get her to move in to the family. I suspect it’s his lack of family trait. Meanwhile, he’s flirting with a blonde call Blaine.

Fiona moved in to the “Single Moms’ household” and gave birth to Rob. Stephen visited them and played with the kid. Still no sign of wanting them to be part of the family.

For a broken family, Rob was interestingly borned with the genius trait. Stephen was soon promoted to forensics due to his lucky trait.

The weirdest part of the story occured when Stephen invited Fiona to his home again one day.

Is the sims trying to say that women age faster than men? This is darn scary.

The worst part of this is how Rob never grew up. I should figure out how to reboot the world and start again. This is so screwed up.

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